All our pedicure & manicure treatment includes hydrotherapy soak, cuticle care, massage, lotion & polish

CLASSIC PEDI $25/25 min MANI $15/15 min

Basic grooming treatment to reveal healthier skins and toe nails plus hot towels

DELUXE PEDI $35/35 min MANI $20/20 min

All the benefits of classic treatment, plus an exfoliating sea salt scrub, moisturizing mask wrapper in warm towel.




All exotic pedicure include hot towel, hot stone, paraffin and 15minutes massage or longer.

LAVENDER PEDI $45/45 min MANI $25/25 min

This therapeutic treatment begins with lavender soak, exfoliating lavender salt scrub, hydrating ask wrapped in warm towel, Lavender massage oil combined with hot stone treatment to smooth and calm tired feet and hand.

GREEN TEA PEDI $45/45 min MANI $25/25 min

The aromas of this foot bath will open your sinuses and clear your head for total pampering. This treatment helps circulate the blood and restore moisture to the feet.

CAPPUCCINO PEDI $45/45 min MANI $25/25 min

The energizing boots of caffeine plus a rich, tantalizing, coffee aroma that's designed to get you up and going.

SUN-KISSED PEDI $45/45 min MANI $25/25 min

This treatment begin by soak & soften feet (hands) in orange infused bath, followed by a gentle application of our orange scrub. Mask and butter massage leave feet (hands) feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

(Additional $5 for French Service)

MILK & HONEY PEDI $45/45 min MANI $25/25 min

Intensive, luxurious treatment for dry feet (hands). Milk & Honey infuses skin with deep hydration that lasts and lasts. For dry, callused.

TROPICAL PEDI $55/50 min MANI $35/35 min

Relax your senses with your feet soaked in a spa of natural fruit and flower. This tropical sea salt scrub lightly exfoliates making you look years younger. Followed by a luxurious tropical foot mask with warm towels. Complete with a touch of green tea lotion massage and then cumulating with paraffin wax.

POMEGRANATE PEDI $55/50 min MANI $35/35 min

Excelient for skin softening and general muscle relaxing. A pome-granate scrub exfoliating treatment that contains a blend of essential oil that sweep away dead skin cells and clear congested hair pores.

ORGANICS PEDI $55/50 min MANI $35/35 min

It's  a naturally hydrating anti-oxidant with Argan oil from Morocco and fruit Extracts. Essential organic oils facilitate effortless glide workability and relaxation in this refreshing massage cream. Helps to heal, regenerate and condition skin, leaving it beautifully smooth and hydrated.

ALOE VERA PEDI $55/50 min MANI $35/35 min

Aloe Vera is popular for its cooling and healing properties. It encourages skin rejuvenation, improves blood circulation, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a superb penetrating moisturizing agent that increases the body's immune system.

CUCUMBER PEDI $55/50 min MANI $35/35 min

Crusty heels and silk are not the perfect combo for a princess or a diva. Intensive callus refining treatment is our main focus. So relax with fresh cucumber slough and oatmeal that soften rough area at the heels and ball of your feet. Finally, a birch and mint lotion with a hot stone for stimulation and leaves your feet ready for those silk sheets, having a sweet dreams.

ELITE SIGNATURE PEDI $60/60 min MANI $35/35 min

Our most extravagant and most acclaimed pedicure for people who are looking for a longer massage. This therapeutic pedicure includes aroma therapy soak, warming scrub, volcanic clay foot masque, paraffin dip, red wine for anti-oxidant and extended massage using the rich warm 3 in 1 candle light, super emollient lotion to moisturize and nourish your skin and feet.

(For Exotic $35 manicure 10minutes shoulder massage included)